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Japanese floatplane decals

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Anything specific? 

From the stash I can cover the E7K1, E8N2, E11A1, E13A1, E14Y1, E15K1, E16A1, and H8K2 in 1/72. They'll be half a kit decal sheet each so might have to scrabble around for hinomaru, but I've got plenty of aftermarket Zero and other sheets that should help there. 

Also got the A6M2-N, M6A1 and F1M2 available in 1/48 and the H6K1 in 1/144 if that helps?

That list is quite scary now I've written it out. Must build some of them.


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Hi Andy

As a matter of interest, which 1/48 F1M2  kit is it? I'm after the 2nd fleet 1st squadron decals for an aircraft off of Yamato? Or better still if that's the kit you have would you be willing to swap for a different boxing (Plus some extra!), or sell?


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It's this one: Scalemates Pete

They list the decals as being:

951 Naval Flying Group 951-8, 1945 World War 2

NAP 4/C Asanuma, NAP 1/C Michiho Takarada L-2-11, January 1943 World War 2 - Solomon Islands

NAP 4/C Kiyomi Katsuki, NAP 2/C Michiho Takarada YI-23 , October 1942 World War 2 - Solomon Islands

So, notthing for Yamato, sorry. I have no great emotional attachment so if they had been the right ones I would have been happy to pass it on.


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