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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder:

I'd actually forgotten about this STGB, so I thought I'd kick myself up the arse and build this...


Two versions, both Frog, one Silver and one coloured in. I shall be building the Silver one. 

Never built a Silver Aircraft before, never built a Mirage, certainly not built an Airfix jet before. 

What could go wrong... :thumbsup:

(I know there are better kits available, but I don't want better kits, I want fun kits :1562769345_laugh(1): )


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Ah, yes. This is the one which has the rockets integrated into the nose of the fuel tanks. Only the French would think that separating highly flammable jet fuel from flaming rocket exhaust with one little metal bulkhead is a good idea.

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17 minutes ago, steelpillow said:

Hope you can let us see how the undersides of the wings shape up. I have been working on a kitbash/scratch using them for a very long time and I suspect they have got fed up waiting and warped with progressive anhedral, Concorde-fashion. But they also have signs of the subtle conical-like leading-edge drooped introduced after the first prototype III flew (in a carbon copy of the Convair F-102 development a couple of years before). So I am keen to know what subtleties or otherwise they have warped from.

I have no clue what you just said

4 minutes ago, Gorby said:

Steve building a hairyplane. :o

It'll be raining frogs next. :blink:

But wait.... there's more 

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13 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

I have no clue what you just said

The lower leading edge has a curl in it. Kind of like this (except that the Mirage's doesn't move, and this is very exaggerated).


The Airfix kit's wing tips tend to drop down below the roots (anhedral) when they're supposed to stick pretty much straight out.

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10 hours ago, Mad Steve said:

I'm not interesting in History or Aeronautics or how much you think you know or anything else, this is a thread for my Mirage III build, so..


Wow, rock on Stevie boy, tellin it like it is.

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