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The Numbers are

AHHQ-006 for the US M10 Version with 3 inch gun

AHHQ-007 for the British M10 Achilles version with the QF 17 Pdr.

Both these models are due Late October 2023.

I will not be releasing our RRP until later in the month, but please take this into consideration.

As a note AHHQ in the USA are offering these models for $149.99 but once the goods are landed at your doors the price will balloon from $149.99 to close to £187.99

Or $234.00, the maths below.

Cost  price from HHQ                                   $149.99

Shipping to UK ( Big Box)                            $   40.00

Sub total                                                         $189.99

Exchange rate 1.25 Tourist                        £151.99

Vat 20 on cost price                                 £  24.00

Courier Handling Charge                            £  12.00

Total  at the retail customers door          £187.99

Tiger Hobbies thus your retail price will be cheaper, that’s all I can say, and thats before our retailers offer some discount.

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