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Hey guys, who's the bike guy of this place? MadSteve? and can I get a recommendation from you?

Before I set out on my Tamiya 'Ninja' which seems a bit involved and complicated, so can you suggest or recommend a 'gem' of a bike kit, not too concerned what type of bike really but a Japanese subject might be nice, it's for a theme I have going on right now and 1/12 scale would be good


Miko (need to get away from research aircraft for a while)

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Good Morning Miko

Me, bikes??? never :whistle::1562769345_laugh(1):

Most of the Tamiya range are fairly easy to build, it's just a case of following the instructions really, but if you'd like a nice start & pleasurable build, then I'd recommend either of these 2:

Honda CB750

Nice easy build, 3 or 4 colour variations with different decals. (Chrome Exhaust pipes ditch them and paint them black)

There is also a version labeled Custom Tuned; same kit, just a couple of new parts


The GSX1100s Katana

The mighty Katana, one finishing option, Finished in Gloss Aluminium (TS19 rattle can)

As with the Honda, there is also a Custom Tuned Version.


Best thing, these are the two cheapest kits currently available in the range. Try not to go 2nd hand, as they may be original editions and the decals will be dodgy. Buy mainstream, which will have the new Cartograph decals.

Hope that helps, should give you a couple hours of oogling at bike kits :analintruder:

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