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Sopwith Snipe - Eastern Express (Toko) - 1/72

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On 7/14/2023 at 5:59 PM, Miggers said:

Most WW1 machines didn't have trim tabs,so yes the fuel tank would be at or as close to the CofG as possible.

Craft such as the RE8 had specified weights to go in the observer's cockpit if flown solo. These were often referred to as 'Corporal Sandbag' in mission reports.

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Thank you your Madness :happy0161: 


Clipped off the exceedingly long prop shaft and got the wheels on today:



Attached the propeller, not that you can really see it in the photo :1562769345_laugh(1):

The rudder is also glued in place, but some little strut bits need adding. Not that you can see their absence either, poor photography day today!


Mainly just the elevators to add now.

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Attaching the elevators with another 'Every expense spared' method:



The tail skid and those little strut bits I talked about were added:






The centre of the propeller needs the hollow prop shaft to protrude slightly, so I'll add that.

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Not having a tube of the right diameter, I instead drilled out a small piece of rod for the hollow propeller shaft protrusion. As can be seen, it's currently unpainted:


If the propeller looks slightly off-centre; that's because it is. Despite mounting the brass bushing and shaft precisely in the centre of the engine bulkhead, it somehow ended up not being in the centre of the engine cowling. 

I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but I think it's an error in the kit parts. The bottom of the fuselage is not level either, but the top seems to be correct though it's obviously not a flat surface.


I also painted the landing skid and strut bits; you can't really see in this photo, but I'll post it anyway:



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