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Built for a GB elsewhere, this is the Revellogawa Phantom FGR.2 in 92 Sqn display scheme.  Built OOB except for the modified Sparrows as ballast and the sidewinder acquisition round.

I found a photo that showed at some point one of the main gear doors had been replaced with a "normal" Light Aircraft Grey one.

52973732895_7ae5869946_b.jpg20230613_171409 by Paul Carter, on Flickr

52975195138_5db3898154_b.jpg20230614_195008 by Paul Carter, on Flickr

52975194788_0f244cda59_b.jpg20230614_195024 by Paul Carter, on Flickr

52974886529_8589bb4487_b.jpg20230614_195034 by Paul Carter, on Flickr

52974886824_e0d5b28bb7_b.jpg20230614_195040 by Paul Carter, on Flickr

And all my current Tooms

52975116370_4f3370484e_b.jpg20230614_195200 by Paul Carter, on Flickr

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Nice 92sqn Phantom, always good to see an anniversary marking aircraft over dull boring tactical and air superiority greys


Miko (they should bring back 1960's RAF squadron markings on front line types!)

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A great looking collection.

Interesting detail about the replacement door,  all the removable doors (panels to the rest of the aircraft world) and canopies came oversized as no 2 F-4 s were exactly the same size due to the way they were made. So that door must have been damage at some point and replaced with that new one which would have needed trimming down to fit that aircraft. We normally didn't try to swap doors from one aircraft to the other.

Duncan B

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