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Morning Everyone :analintruder: *

I thought the GB ended the end of this month, but we have another month to go, so let's do something else.

Everyone into tanks probably built the old Airfix Tiger from yonks ago.

I was trying to build all the British tanks. None of them were painted, but they were magic to me, I loved building them. I recall my parents went away for a weekend or something and came back with two of the Historic series dioramas they had found in a market somewhere, the El Alamein and Guadacanal sets 


The Tiger was in this set. I can remember it wasn't an easy build, all those wheels, but I eventually got it together.

The new 1/72nd Tiger is a whole new kettle of fish (and there's no short shots, well done Airfix, Good Boy, Pat Pat Pat :1562769345_laugh(1):)

You've probably seen pictures of the new Tiger, and they look like this :shrug:


Forget that pic, what a completely shite picture to promote your product.

Okay, my Tiger comes from the Firely/Tiger set 


I'm not that fond of Tigers because it always seems that its either an Otto Carius or Michael Wittman one. (In truth, there were only ever 2 Tigers made, one each captained by one of the above, honest :whistle:)

This one tho, is even better, because its James Bonds Tiger...


Yeeeeeees I know, Its Michael Bloody Wittman. See, told you...

The runners look quite good actually. The third runner down is the easy build tracks, but really not that easy because they leave you with a join line all the way around...






This is where I said, right then, let's get on with it.

But wait, there's more....

Construction started and is well underway. 

The Hull fits together nicely, but there is an issue with the sides, they don't fit properly, but easy to fix by removing the lips on the inside of the full.


The detail isn't bad, but a lot of it is molded on, well I'd say 98% of it really.

The Turret has issues, and I couldn't find out why it didn't fit properly, So I just superglued it together.

Once the turret is finished you need to open up the turret ring a smidge and trim the tabs down so that the turret can actually fit in the hole. 



The flash suppressor needs some attention as well, as its actually 1.5mm too short. 

Yeah there are a couple of issues but still this is a big improvement over the old one, and we haven't finished yet.

Right, wheels next... 


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I have one of these kits (and the Sherman). Rather rashly I bought this for it.


If anyone can suggest a way of removing the sledgehammer in one piece from the glacis so that it can be re-fixed on the Zimmerit, I'm all ears. I'd like to have mesh for the engine cover grilles, but nobody seems to do the requisite aftermarket PE.

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Zimmerit stick on's for 72nd scale:analintruder:

Brave, very Brave. Id just chop the hammer off, see if you can get a replacement from somewhere. 

I didnt even think of Zimmerit. dammit.....:no:

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This issue with the site jumping back a few days is giving me a serious case of deja vu.

Looks like an interesting kit Steve. 

3 hours ago, Paul Brown said:

I'd like to have mesh for the engine cover grilles, but nobody seems to do the requisite aftermarket PE.

May be some generic etched mesh might work. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/220/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=Etched+mesh

Alternately you could use woven mesh as a cheaper option. I bought some many years ago and a small sheet lasts ages.

For the sledgehammer I'd chop it off and you'll be surprised how easy it is to scratch a replacement. Scratching the shovel wouldn't be so easy. 


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If you want a nice simple scheme without all the farting about,try this Paul:


Early production at a training school,turret 213,can't remember the unit number,though sPz-Abt 501 rings a bell.

I've a few more pics of the brute if you fancy it mate.

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Evening Everyone :analintruder:

Got a coat of paint on the Tiger. It's not a bad looking kit, Looks like a Tiger tho so I suppose it's fine 


The thing that is bugging me now tho is the wheels.

This is what the wheels look like


All fine and dandy and an easy solution, but those wheels have rubber tires, and that's quite a masking exercise, but taking a look at Miggers big Tiger again...(Thanks Miggers)


The innermost set of wheels basically disappear, so I only really need to mask tires on the first two layers of wheels :yes: 

I think I'm overthinking this whole thing, maybe I'll just wing it :analintruder:

More on the way soon 



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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder:

Had a skive off day today, still didn't get very much done... :whistle:

Right, the wheels...

I hadn't looked at the wheels too closely until now, but what I found was actually excellent.

Airfix should be applauded for the way that they have engineered the wheel and track set up. It really is on par with the likes of Takom, etc in this scale.

That slipped onto the axles, no issues, perfect fit.

So, you still have wheels to add, the outer half of the second row, and the outer row, 8 pieces in total.


I took Paul B's advice and instead of creating a masking nightmare, I just used a Lining brush and painted the tires black. Ok it's a bit rough but it will disappear with all the wheels and tracks on 


The wheels that need adding, I opted to mask them, its quick and easy at this scale. I also painted the tracks XF Dark Iron


I haven't added the tracks yet... so there hasn't been any swearing yet :1562769345_laugh(1):, we'll see tomorrow 

Ta ta...


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13 minutes ago, Gorby said:

Looks a much better way of doing it than having to deal with millions* of bloody wheels.


* I maaaay have exaggerated a tiny bit. :blush:

Only a tiny bit. My 1/48 build has 48 road wheels plus 4 two part sprockets. That's about a million too many 


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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder:

Had to happen....

Swearing finally started :yes:

The wheel set up is quite good. Not for the purist's, but good for this scale.

The link and length tracks are..., not bad. They are butt joined with no interlocking pieces, but fit nicely around the sprocket. 

There's locating holes along the top and bottom of the wheels so you can't put the tracks in the wrong place.

The swearing started with the track around the idler wheel. The wheel clips into the large road wheel assembly, and its off by a millimeter... 

After a lot of umming and ahhing (and swearing) until I can up a solution... just cut the innermost row of track guide pins off, no problem.

One thing I can't fix is the slight angle of both the tracks, but im going to try fix that with some weight ontop of the hull overnight.

You can build the whole wheel and track assembly off the Tank.

Once they were fitted, I gave the tracks a Humbrol Rust Brown wash.



Next up - Clean up the wheel assembly and make a start on the Camo....... :dry:



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