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Airfix 1/35 Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer early (A1355)

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Hi all,
I have started on my 3rd Hetzer this year, early/mid/late, and this will conclude my Hetzer builds for this year  1f60a.svg

Box art:

I managed to attach the wheels temporarily with white glue and then fitted the tracks, once they were set I managed to slide them off in one piece:

Then it was time to breakout the airbrush and Rotbraun primer:
And then the A.MiG-011 RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb AUS 44 DG I:

Thanks for looking in :thumbsup:

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Thanks Steve :thumbsup: Me too :tank:


Hi all,

Camouflage has been done, some spiders legs here and there need tidying up :blink:




The spider legs have been squared away, along with some chipping and detail painting:




More soon, thanks for following :happy0161:

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Hi all,

The Hetzer is progressing quite nicely...well I think so, but then again I am biased :harhar:


Since the last update she has had a gloss coat, decals added (all 2 of them :analintruder:), a filter and pin wash and the undercarriage has started to be dirtied up:






Should have this wrapped up soon, thanks for looking in :tank:

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