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Airfix 1:72 Storch quick build.

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Hello again, I've been quite busy lately lol, but this is the last for today, I promise! I've been eyeing up a 1:35 Fiesler Storch at my LHS for a few months but have shelved that idea for a short while. In the meantime though I remembered I had this kit in my stash for ages ago. So I hoped this would satisfy my Storch fetish for now. Built straight out the box and being an older boxing there was a stand included so I thought it would be rude not to have it in flight. The only change I did was to replace the top strut of the landing gear with metal rod for rigidity. I also dropped the flats for a landing run and extended the legs to show it in flight but on reflextion went far too straight with the undercarriage as there should be a distinct kink there. Also with it in flight I had to put in some figures, all that fits in is what the kit gives you, a legless pilot and the torso of some big nob in a peak cap. Not that the glazing shows much of that off! Also had a problem with the glazing being broken at the front top corner, hence this has a 'sun visor' modification that was unique to this particular aircraft (special prize to anyone who can prove otherwise with photographic evidence :analintruder:).Painted up in Model Master Acrylics which a few years after their demise are still going strong in my collection! The kit decals were absolutely shot on this, when I opened the kit they were rolled into a tight tube, and unravelling them revealed huge cracks, especially in the wing crosses. For this I carefully applied some decal fix  (cant remember the company but same as Krystal Klear) and it worked a treat! Any hoo, Heres the pics....




Excuse the wonky tail!








Thanks for looking in!



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