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1/30th Gold State Coach by Paramount

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Forgot I had this in the stash, I was reminded about it by the King Charles lll Coronation this weekend, I re-found it up in the loft and got it down.


I got it a few years ago and it was in a terrible state, the wheels were broken with the spokes sheared off the rims, looked like some kid had tried to glue the Cherubs 

back to front, so I had to chisel them out of britfix. But it came together well as nothing was missing.


I got it back and started assembly by constructing the Chassis, then the cabin, painting the inside and making the glazing from plastic clear sheet. There

are still several parts to fit.


two Cherubs blowing conch shells that are positioned on the fore carriage.


I also have a lamentable Horses and postillions set to go with this, but it is awful, the horse tac is falling into fragments and the horses and Postillions

(riders) are badly represented. (I'll show them later)

I remember now why I stalled on this, the paintings on the side are the wrong scale for the model, so I need a colour photo copy machine with scale adjustment.



I will keep this down and have a restart on it after Titanic, and before the really large project of 2023, HMS Victory.



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1 hour ago, Mad Steve said:

ooooooooooh I like it :thumbsup:

I remember having, was it a Dinky/Corgi one of those, yonks ago, never took it out the blister or box (cloudy memory)

Wasn't Dinky, it was Britains and somewhere, it stills lurketh :yes:

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Painting the hind wheel tires steel.


making sure I get the edges of the metal tire nice and neat...


fitted the munchkins to the fore carriage.


leaving the model high off the table to let the paint dry.


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just a dozen or so parts still to fit, if I can make head of tail of these old fashioned instructions.


This is the accompanying set of Horses and Postillions............................................ just look at them.


the Horse tac has been cast from brittle unstable plastic, and it has broken down over the years, whoever sculpted these probably

never laid eyes on a horse in their life, probably goes for the Postillions too. Terrible, I'll leave the Coach un-hitched, as if it's resting

in the Royal Mews.



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this is like a three D puzzle.


I'm definitely onto a loosing game here......


I boxed it all neatly up, taped up the box...left it to one side, dropped it in the bin, got it out of the bin and had another go, placed it all back in the box and

put it quietly away in the stash, the special stash. For projects I will never touch, but will probably touch next year, or next month, or maybe on Tuesday.

God damn it!



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The Gold State Coach, all construction completed, just the paintings on the side still to go, decals stickers of photo copies, see what I can do later, for now

this goes away to be bought out in honour of the next state occasion.


King George VI had the coach wheels rubber tired after WW2, so my steel tires date my model pre war.


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I just wanted to see something about this kit and Holy Muppet Fart Batman... That kit is 70 Years old!

Was obviously released to coincide with QE's Coronation. 



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