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Not another 109 I hear you all groan. Yep (in this case, two) and the kit contains two fuselage versions and three wing versions. More importantly for the 109 Tifosi is their announcement that a whole series of 109G/late G/K is to follow later this year and in the New Year.

Scale kit WUNDERSCHÖNE NEUE MASCHINEN part 1, is the 1/72 scale Limited Edition Dual Combo, dedicated to Messerschmitt Bf 109F-2 and F-4. The kit includes two sets of frames, containing two fuselage versions and three wing versions, used on different developmental variants of the Bf 109F-1, F-2 and F-4. The kit offers 14 decal options, one F-1, six F-2 and seven F-4, including tropical and fighter-bomber versions. The selection is full of famous names such as Mölders, Priller, Nowotny, Marseille, Bär, Graf and others.
The design of this kit is a direct follow-up to the 1/72 scale Avia S-199 released last year. It will be followed by other parts of this extensive project in the following months: in September will be released WUNDERSCHÖNE NEUE MASCHINEN Volume 2, dedicated to the Bf 109G-2 and G-4, in October will follow ProfiPACK Bf 109F-2, in December will be released Bf 109F-4. After the New Year, we will continue with a Limited Editions dedicated to the Bf 109G-6 and G-14 and other ProfiPACKs. Weekend editions will be added during the same year, as well as Limited Editions dedicated to the Bf 109G-6/AS and G-14/AS, and later on the G-10. We will conclude the project in following year with the release of the Bf 109K-4.


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Update, the 109F is now shipping, according to the Eduard Facebook pages, plus they have posted up the initial Profipak Dual Combo decal options that features fourteen, yes fourteen schemes. Holy crap, how do you choose?! I'd bet Eduard have a shedload of overtrees ready to put on the market. This is a bonanza for 109 fans working in 1/72, the F has always played second fiddle to BoB period Es and late war G/K variants. 
















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