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Hi all

As an original Airfix Generation man I've made more Airfix Bren Carrier sets than I care to remember over the years!

I'm currently doing a few for the Far East, any ideas for colour schemes please - nothing too complicated!  They're really just for forming my units and keeping me busy.

Another of life's not so little mysteries is interior colours for Bren Carriers and softskins in general, any ideas?

Or do I just have to use artistic license?

Best regards to all from 


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Hi, Richard - my limited experience with Bren carriers (museums) is that they were the same colour on the inside as outside.  I don't know if British armour in the Far East had different colour schemes from Europe, or what those might have been - photos I have seen (mostly black & white) would seem to indicate a dark green.  Maybe Australian or New Zealand forces used different colours?  Sorry, not a lot of help, but I'd be interested to see your models - is it a wargames army?

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This Pinterest link should come up with many photos.


This is an interesting one. Operated by British Army, captured by the Japanese and modified. Later used by Indonesians and recaptured by the British.


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Link to the MAFVA site written by Mike Starmer who generally knows what he's talking about:

British WW2 Tank Colours

So, same colour inside and out. Up to Late 1942, a disruptive pattern of Khaki Green No.3 and Dark Green No.4. 1943 - 44 Overall S.C.C. 13 Dark Green with no camo. From mid 1944 that is replaced by S.C.C. 16 Very Dark Drab.

Hope this helps a bit.


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