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Airfix 1/180 scale HMS Victory with aftermarket wood decks

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4 hours ago, Hutch6390 said:

how would you rate the PE

very highly, they add so much detail, and they were the only one's I could find anywhere, I wonder if that will change and more makers will come out with PE for the 1/180 kit?

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12 hours ago, Hutch6390 said:

I'm reluctant to spend much on aftermarket (especially PE), but your build has me dithering...:D - the PVA glazing seems to have worked well!

I have to watch the pennies, so before starting a project I consider total cost of kit + aftermarket bits + decal sheet + 6 tins of paint (3 turning out to be the wrong colours).

But yeah, the PVA looks affordable and I have a build that needs it. Is it a special-grade modellers' clear PVA? Most of the stuff I ever used dries cloudy.

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the Bow sprite, a mast set at diagonal angle, it's stays go up to the foremast and are a source of backward and forward stability

and integrity of the masts. All the kit parts on, now for it's lines, after a lick of matt black paint.


the  lower of the two yards attached to the Mizzen mast was called a cross jack, it's job is to spread the bottom edge of the Spanker sail. Setting a square sail to it was an American idea taken up in the 1800,s but never adopted by the Royal Navy. The Spanker sail provides a lot of leverage to the ship and is a great help in steering the ship and keeping the head up to the wind.


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I've had the glass for this since 2020 when I built Victory 2, the shrouds were a disaster so I never finished it fully, thus it didn't get a glass case.

it is big as I had to measure it mast tip to keel, stem to stern. It works out as 57cm long by 44cm tall. "A Must to keep out the Dust".


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Thanks for dropping by Ship mates, now man the braces we're about to go about with the Combined Fleets of France and Spain, "England Expects everyman will do his duty"


at least I hope that's what Airfix made me spell out with the signal flags.....


they need trimming, but for now I'm taking a rest on it, I'm not going to seal down the glass onto the base yet, I will add lines

when the fancy takes me, a long term project, a slow burn... In the meantime, under the glass, it's safe from the cats paw.


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