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Afternoon everyone :analintruder:

Had a really crap couple of days, so I need a new challenge to keep me sane...

Who can say no to a Katana, and who would say no to a beeeeg Katana :yes:

This will be my 4th big scale Katana, (not that I'm biased or anything :happy0161:) one for myself, and 3 for other people (including a purple one :w00t:) and I still have another one ready for a conversion later.... (muuuuuuch later)

Sooo, the lovely people at Tamiya decided in 1983 that we reeeeally needed a big scale Katana, But one numpty on that team, I don't know, his Sake was off or he was just having a bad day, but he decided, heeeey, let's make almost the whole bike in Chrome!!! :no:

So, stuff shots....

Outside the box....


Inside the box... (I have already primed the bits)

IMG_20230318_133225261.thumb.jpg.5ea386b3d08703ce12e0bf69f95f5f34.jpg just an example of the amount of chrome bits...

Swingarm and front shocks bits in satin chrome


The whole engine.... (and brakes)


More engine bits (tooooo shiny :no:)IMG_20230318_132955645.thumb.jpg.67420b3119a56309cfb58263f7bd4057.jpg

One good point though..... The Wheels are done in a nice satin sheen, the perfect finish for the Katana wheels, but only the outside rim is supposed to be that colour, the inside is metallic grey. Masking those wheels is off is fuuuuun fun fun.....


Right then... This'll be a long one so pull up a chair if you like :analintruder:

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You know Andy, I had one of the old GSX 1100's, my mate Mark had a Katana. 

My GSX was a monster;  heavy, sluggish when cold and vibrated quite seriously at, ahem, speeds above the posted speed limit (or so I was told :w00t:).

But the Katana, with literally the same engine and frame, was as smooth as butter, was like riding a dream...

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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder:

Managed a couple of hours today and it was actually quite therapeutic

First up, the Wheels

The rear tire was masked off with Tamiya bendy tape (other bendy tapes are available) and the front with the normal yellow tape. The profiles of the wheels are not the same. The rear tire has a bead that's easy to use to put the bendy tape on, but the front wheel doesn't have the bead, so I covered it in yellow tape and cut around it with a sharp knife. The inside of the wheels were then painted LP Metallic Grey. I still have to go back and do the top pieces of the 'star' with silver because I've ran out of 1mm tape which would have made it a lot easier.


Next up work started on the Frame...

The Katana is quite a big bike, so its quite a big meaty frame... (with lots of mold lines all over it :1562769345_laugh(1):)

I still need to finish the neck, lower frame and kickstand before I can glue it all together and painting can begin :yes: 


Thats all for now.

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On 19/03/2023 at 15:54, Mad Steve said:

The rear tire was masked off with Tamiya bendy tape (other bendy tapes are available)


Never had an 1100 Suz,but a mate(he who also had the RG500)had a GSX11R,man,that thing could shift the scenery,

150-160 was no problem to it.

Nice jobbie Steve,it does look a good kit.

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