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1/72 Flyhawk Renault FT-17 Tank – Cast Turret

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1/72 Flyhawk Renault FT-17 Tank – Cast Turret


This is one of my all time fave tanks and apparently this is the best kit of it in 1/72. When I bought the kit (2022) there wasn't a British distributor for Flyhawk kits. I normally prefer to buy from British shops but that wasn't an option so I went to the bay of many things, and bought direct from China.

Right, I suppose you want to know the history and stuff...the Renault tank was a light tank that was among the most revolutionary and influential desig….you've got access to the internet so look it up. I want to get some modelling done today. :yes:

Anyway, the bits… bear in mind that in 1/72 it will a tiny biddy little thing, so Flyhawk give you two full kits in the box.

Sprue A (X2):



Lovely detail, there is even the gun detail inside the turret! I can't see any flash on the parts at all.



Some of the other bits aren't on a sprue and the rest are on three micro sprues (B, C & J). Don't forget this lot is only half what you get in he box.



The tracks are done in quite a novel way.



There is a small PE sheet for each model and a single decal sheet.



The four pages of instructions are nice a clear. I like the paint guide as it's got Tamiya (acrylic) as well as Mr.Hobby. And no less than six colouring in schemes to choose from.

FT-17%20Instructions-1.jpg         FT-17%20Instructions-2.jpg

FT-17%20Instructions-3.jpg           FT-17%20Instructions-4.jpg


Which scheme? Which scheme?....I like, eeerrrm, all of them. :happy0161:



Looks Goooooood.

If you're interested, this is the build report:


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