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Was picking up some guitar related finishing supplies when I noticed a games workshop type place called "Entoyment" across from where I was parked. Popped  and saw its was a good place for for paints , wet palletes etc. The kits were games workshop type dungeons and dragons affairs that don't call to me, but there was a small pile of aircraft kits and I picked this is up for a quick build and practice doing 1/72 mottling:





Nothing much to shout about, I've built the 262, He-62 and 109E3 from this quick build series with good results. That said the prop looks unusual but this is going up a magnetised pole, wheels up so rivet counting will be at the usual non existent level for me.

I did the rather fine Hasegawa version way back in 2019, which was a joy to build and managed to finish it with a week of starting so might aim for that again, I remember at the other place, I once built an Airfix 1/72 Hurricane in  four days flat, can't be that hard eh?


That said, this might present a challenge, a novel approach to doing a cockpit:


While I was picking this up, a rather nice chap pointed out I was parked in a reserved bay for his business, I looked up and saw the sign:


Tough, I said, after what I've spent on micro tubes, rods and flexifiles, you can throw in some free parking!


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A week of good progress: ground out a cockpit opening, scratched an IP of sorts and put in a reflector gunsight with glass.



No control column or more detailing, this is going have a pilot and be wheels up, achieved by grinding down the wheels and gear door inner detail:


The all important flight test.


Should be done next week: not quite like @mac1677 's warp 9.9 builds but better than two years methinks...

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More progress: Pilot painted and installed. Used a wet palette for the first time, would strongly recommend this staple of mini/figure painters. Makes the whole mixing, shading and touching up a doddle, I actually enjoyed painting this wee man for a change



Canopy on and looking suitably menacing. Mask and prime tomorrow.



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