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I try and think of a name or a backstory character from a recent read or something of the sort so decided on Sunniva, the late wife of Beobrand from the Bernicia Chronicles by Matthew Harffy. Admittedly the bust is more Celtic than Saxon and I'm not sure whether to go with the fair hair of the character. I did think of calling her 'Elspeth of Nottingham' from the track by Focus (please, no music drifts, I'm fully aware of the track) but that seems a bit later Mediaeval. The primer has now dried so it'll be a base skin tone on the morrow. 


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Despite my insistence on wearing Pusser's thicks I tested positive for 'the vid' on Monday and again this morning so bench time has took a bit of a back burner. i managed to do some time yesterday and got as far as this; a base skin tone and the eyes. I will now check all my socks for holes in them so as not to allow any further infiltration of said virus.


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6 hours ago, Blue Noser said:

Great work! The eyes are stunning! Are they painted or decals? 

Decals. Slightly smaller than I would have liked but they're the largest I have so I've had to give her a slightly 'eyes left' attitude. As for green socks; never old bean.

37 minutes ago, RWG686 said:

Hope your years of built in Pusser's resistance keeps it on the mild side.

Not too bad. The worst is over but the constant metallic taste in the mouth is ruining tea drinking

She's undergoing 'woadworks' at present.


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Tested negative for vid this morning despite it's last hurrah yesterday with a migraine from hell and waves of nausea. I still can't imagine how I caught it. I may have to start wearing bike clips to stop it crawling up my leg in future.

Anyway, felt up to putting a base coat and wash on the hair for starters today. No idea what that line is on her face. It's not on it so must be the camera.


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