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B-29 44-62276

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On 17 January 1949 this aircraft left RAF Scampton  en route to Smokey Hill Air Force Base in Kansas via Keflavik.

Sadly it crashed in Glen Succoth,,Argyll with the loss of all 20 souls on board.

In 1993 the cadets of 2296 (Dunoon) Squadron,Air Training Corps built a memorial cairn. It was a magnificent effort under very trying conditions (think trillions of midges) and as their CO, I was very proud of each and every one of them.

Over the years I have conducted a great deal of research into this crash with a great deal of help from Keith Beckett (a very dedicated man and expert on this crash) and Brian Canfer (ex RAF Navigator) and I think we can now give an accurate assessment as to what happened that fateful day.

Sadly our local newspaper on the 70th anniversary of the crash continued to spout some of the crap which has been written and ignored my offer to share my research.

The photos which follow are all copyright so please don't publish them elsewhere.


View of site in 1988



Photo from the Wessex at cairn ceremony in 1993


Same photo showing bomber outline


No captions for the next few






The flag in the above photo was sent over to me by the daughter of the flight engineer. My neighbour is a retired USN Master Chief and he did the honour of planting it.




For 50 years we had no photo of the aircraft then Keith found this one which was taken in Canada a few months before it came to the UK in October 1948



Unbelievably shortly after he found that one,I was sent this one by the daughter of the flight engineer with whom I had been in contact. She found it in her father's chest which she had not opened until I got in touch with her to explain about the cairn and its on=going maintenance.

This picture was taken en route to the Canadian detatchment mentioned above.


Thanks to the painstaking detailed research by Keith Beckett,we found a crew photo taken just before they left Kansas to come to England. Further research enabled us to identify them as the photo had no caption.




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What a magnificent thing to do, you're a good man Rich.

How come there was a 20 man crew, was this standard post war?

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Aircraft carried its own ground crew.

I was but one of many people working as a team. On the day we had RAF,USAF and Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum staff. Our Padre was almost blind and was basically placed there after we got him out of the Wessex. It was his last piece of work with the Squadron and probably his best. I can still hear his powerful voice echoing around the hills as he dedicated the cairn.


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Very interesting, thank you. 

I’m an avid hill walker and live in the Snowdonia national park in North Wales which was a busy area for RAF training during WW2 and beyond. There are numerous similar sites in the area and I have been fortunate to reach many. A very interesting book was written on the subject called “No place to land”

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Interesting story and well done to you and your team, doing the right thing and honouring the guys that never got home..

If however you don't want people to repost the images can I suggest you stick a faint watermark across them. Asking nicely doesn't seem to work these days and it would be terrible if you see these later being flung around the internet wiilly nilly.


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