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HMS Indefatigable 1794 by Kevin - Vanguard Models - 1:64 - Feb 2023

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good evening every one

thank you for comments and likes


day 13 hull faired


the weather here has been pants recently, with snow and rain, so i have been doing some smaller projects on the build, but i will post photos later on in the build as I would  like to keep this log in some sort of order, (never achieved that before)

the deck has been sanded and varnished with a water based varnish @50/50

to day a few days delay the hull went outside to be sanded, brilliant, oh thats getting hot fizzle bang me mouse blew up

anyway an trip to Wickes (other palm sanding tool outlets are available0

this is what i have now










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Good evening everyone

thank you for comments and likes


Day 14 port side Gun port templates fitted


well i never expected to be at this stage after 2 weeks, but here i am, and loving it, and i have not had any issues to criticize the build, or instructions, 

after the hull fairing i test fitted the gun port templets, no other sanding was required


the bottom of fwd template forms where the first run of planking under it goes, so a pencil line is drawn, the rest of the plank aligns along the top of the port sill , at this point the template can be removed


first plank




2nd plank


the after template fits on the top of the 1st plank and lined up with the top right corner of the last gunport, instructions need to be read to be aware of where the glue is applied, as a section of the framework has to be removed at a later date


a templete fits between and the area over the ports is covered, using limewood


rough opening of the gun ports when the glue has dried




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Posted (edited)

good evening everyone

thank you for comments and likes

day 16 1st planking

port and stbd side templates fitted





stern tuck, caused me some aggro fot a couple of hours, so the fixed planks were cut back and the stern was re faired allowing the 3rd plank to twist and turn






Edited by Kevin
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29 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

Hiya Kevin 

Wow, that section at the rear is very impressive. :yes:

How the hell do you bend wood like that?

prep work is the main thing, ensuring at what ever angle it goes at it has 100% contact

the wood can be soaked, but then you end up with clamping and wet/damp wood on a mdf frrame

i use a plank bending tool and the wood is soften up by a generous amount of pva glue, and pinned of course

Versatile Plank Bending Tool With Jaws For Square Curved Or Bent Shapes - 8151

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good evening everyone

Day 18 1st planking


as soon as i left the make up of the hull, i have had to start thinking about things, and this has resulted in some redo's, lol no matter how much fairing you do, there is always more


anyway the hull is is about 50% done and although bit messy in places, i have a sound basis  to work on
















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good evening everyone


the bow is 1st planked, - absolutely nothing special, but will serve as a good foundation for the 2nd layer, i look forward to many hours of sanding before that happens


the stern will be completed in the next day or so





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good evening everyone,

thank you for comments and likes


day 21 1st planking port side complete


i needed to fair the parts 29 on the stern post, so i then continued with a rough grit sanding pad and gave the hull a once over, i was real happy with how it turned out, no where ready for the top coat though

i am about an hours work from completing the stbd side, will try and finish that tomorrow, but the boi is in for an operation at the vets, so i might be to stressy for that






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13 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

Very nice work Kevin

Hope Doggo gets better soon 


2 minutes ago, Gorby said:

Hope it's not too serious.

the boi has a large growth/lump on his gum, they want to rule out anything nasty, so the are going to xray/biopsy and possible tooth extraction, thank you for yr concern

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good evening everyone


first of all thankyou for the comments wrt the the boi, he attended the vets today, and was put under, whilst they did xrays on his teeth and biopsies on his gums, on inspection they do not believe it to be anything nasty, but the results will be back in a week, no teeth were required to be removed, 


build day day 22 1st planking completed

a bit messy in places but it went without any real issues, tomorrow is set aside and get some sanding done









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good evening everyone, the boi is very tired today, but is happy eating and woofing


day 23

thank you for the comments and likes


busy day in the mancave

quarter galleries made up, not being fixed to the hull at this stage, but as an alignment aid



the stern builds up but only to fit one piece for now


and here it is the two above pices are for now soley to align this up, once happy a pencil line is drawn under it and the wood from the tuck is removed



once dry, outside in the sunshine for sanding


gunports squared off and first of many red coats going on, 


god im loving this build, and only another years worth of her left


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7 minutes ago, Gorby said:

Looking lovely and good to hear the woof's well.


Is that something to lift the dog on the line or your surgical support? :whistle:

Thank you, and its a bit of both, but there is a 3rd option available


Edited by Kevin
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