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Hallucigenia – Modelling a dream.

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1 hour ago, Gorby said:

Ahhh. Now the Sillyput has dried too well and I'm having problems drilling into the little pricks. :ermm:  

Perhaps if you didn't call them nasty names they'd be more cooperative?

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Finally got a chance to use use my Dremel for modelling. :happy0161: Drilling the holes was easy once I bought in the heavy duty equipment….although it was little too over the top as couple of the little pricks split. Then I just stuck them on the leggy worm with super glue. I still need to blend them into the body.

Now, I'm going to show you a photo on the strict understanding that you don't compare it to the idealised, leggy-blond, size-zero, super-model picture I posted at the start of the thread. I mean, compared to the flaunting, flawless, overdressed/barely-dressed/bizarrely-dressed catwalk creatures, some of us may not even look like part of the same species to an alien.


Known to his mates as 'Stumpy'.

Stumpy had always been 'big-boned'. When it was pointed out to him that bones hadn't yet evolved, he had to admit that he was partial to third-helpings and often dreamed of a future when pies would exist. Although in reality his little legs wouldn't be up to the race to the front of the queue.

He ate to forget, but couldn't remember what he was trying to forget, which as worrying enough to cause him to eat. Perhaps it was his inability to attract a girlfriend, or maybe it was that he didn't know if he really was a he and wasn't sure if it was a girlfriend or boyfriend he/she was supposed to be looking for.

No wonder he didn't get chosen to represent the species in the fossil record, even though he was the spikiest of all his mates in the rock pool….. Perhaps if he got a piercing?

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2 hours ago, RWG686 said:

Are you able to get access to Kildonan ?

Yes, and the other ones around the island. Might even be tempted by the giant millipede tracks near Hutton’s Unconformity 

I’ve been idly messing around with possible local souvenir t-shirt designs and mini cast replicas for the shop that hosts the makerspace

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I blame @Gorby 100% for my activity of this afternoon

Fossil trace 


Laser cut stamps based on sketch outlines of chirotherium footprints from two different locations around the island 



The resulting impressions




And a little relief model of the triassic beast itself



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Managed to get a bit more done on Stumpy. I've blended his spikes into his rolls of fat and added some oddly shaped eyes. I've also bent his body to make him look a bit more interesting.



Why is it that no matter how small the piece of Milliput I cut off, a much larger proportion always goes to waste compared to what I actually use?


I've got to think how I'm going to add some tiny claws. I tried it with Milliput and decided that's much too frustrating, so I'm going to have a go at other methods.


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