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Is it just me?


Coming to the site just now, all the login and navigation stuff has changed. It's gone all mobile-blocky-icons-slidey-menus, as if someone has given it a "mobile-friendly" facelift and stuff the old guard. It now takes me about three extra mouse-clicks and sufferance of associated wait-a-sec-while-I-slide-out menu animations to do anything. Frankly, it is absolutely ****y awful.

Has the site config been changed, or has my web browser just gone berserk?

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49 minutes ago, steelpillow said:

Mine is back to normal now.

I reckon some AI must now control the Internet and is starting to mess with our minds.

How odd, the Matrix just might be a thing?

'putatis ero sum'' . . . as Rene Descartes never said!

Miko (exists only in the imagination of others)

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The servers may be a bit flaky, maybe we should get our own? Only joking...

The emoji manager is a nightmare, it seems to have a mind of its own. If anybody notices anything missing, do let me know and I will search it out.

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