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Help! Need markings info on Honduran F4Us in the "Soccer War".

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For a group build elsewhere on the theme of "Warzone 1950-2023" I'd like to build a Honduran F4U-5N that took part in the 1969 100 Hours War (aka Soccer War) between

el Salvador and Honduras. I've got my kit (the old FROG Corsair IV- close enough!) and my decal set (Aztec Decals 72-066: 100 Hours war fighters) has arrived in the post this

morning, but lacks the actual data I need. But while I've generally sussed out the colour scheme for the kite I want to represent (FAH609), some important information eludes me.

Maybe someone can help. I can't find a photo or drawing showing the Honduran national markings on the wings of their Corsairs- I know it's Blue/white/blue chordwise stripes

, but how wide the stripes were is a mystery. And does anyone have a colour match, whether to model paint or an FS number, for the blue? My GoogleFu is letting me down . . .

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And within minutes, I found 2 videos on YouTube, one showing a Warbird Corsair in Honduran markings, the other of FAH609 herself following restoration (to flight status?) by

the Honduran air museum that's housed her for over 30 years! I now have an idea of the wing markings, but the 2 videos show different blues for the markings! So now

I'm a little less confused, but if anyone has the info I'd still be grateful.

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