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Runolf Ragnarsson

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The giant flame haired Viking fiercely loyal to Hunlaf the novice Saxon monk from Lindisfarena turned warrior instrumental in the sparing of Runolf's life. Another character from the Matthew Harffy chronicles beginning with 'A Time for Swords.'

Trying to simulate red hair is going to be the big factor here as well as the eyes which are quite narrow due to the facial expression.

Excellent detail and the seax in it's scabbard fits perfectly.



The rear; nice positive location notch for the shield.


The front of the shield.


The shield dry fitted; a perfect fit.


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Started on the eyes and a bit more skin work. Looks rather pale in this light however.


The mixing palette. Washes and colours mixed and often dried out before use. I tend to use a cocky stick to mix as the amounts are more controllable. That bit with the cocky stick in has 5 different colours mixed around the edges of the main base colour.


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Some hair work done with various mixes, bases, washes and dry brushing in no particular order.



Yes, I do use my thumb and thumbnail for a dry brush and colour check a lot of the time.


Added a slight reddening on some cheek areas, after all it's probably hard work swinging your axe and pillaging the North East coast (standfast Horden,nobody wants to go there).


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On 26/01/2023 at 16:54, Mad Steve said:

Wow!!! That hair colour is spot on.

Cheers old bean. I've never painted red hair before so this is new territory for me. Decided to try a bit of injury stuff so this initial mixing was the start.


Starting on a bit of injury work. Looks a bit stark in this shot but more work was forthcoming.


More mixing for bruises and wounds.


The dry brushing and mixing palette has seen a bit of use today.


Battle scarring and war wounds. That's what happens when you try and nick a ham and pease pudding stottie off a northern lass.



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