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Afternoon Everyone :welcomeani:

How about we start the New Year with something fun :yes:

Got this as a Christmas Gift. I absolutely love the Panigale, and I love this kit. 


When it first came out it was everywhere, and everyone who was building it, was doing it red.

Me, being special, did a yellow one :yes:. This one I built in 2017. WOW!!!, 6 years ago, Hell. 


I like it yes, and there's lots of nice colour schemes for them, but I want to do a red one and with this arriving, I though why not

Both Panigale sets are the same, it's just the decals that differ. The Tricolore is a limited-edition version commemorating 150 years of Italian unification, Tricolore being the Italian flag, Red, White & Green. 


I also stole a Fork Set from one of the other Panigale's in the stash :) 


Right, that's it then.

There's a lot of detail painting on this kit, but i'll kick off tomorrow. :yes:


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Afternoon Everyone :w00t:

Let's get this road on the show.

First up is the engine. It's actually a very simple build up but is actually very detailed.

Engines painted LP Flat Aluminium, and will have a Semi-Gloss Clear Coat. Once that's all dry, it will get an X19 smoke wash.


The Heads on the engine and a couple of other bits are a specific silvery bronze color, and Zero paints make the exact colour

I bought this bottle 12 years ago and it's still working :yes:


Zero paints are excellent, probably the best car & bike paints available. They come out matt or satin and need a clear coat on top. 


And lastly for today, the exhausts. 

They are Titanium Alloy and the instruction suggest a 1:1 mix of Gun Metal & Titanium Silver



Thats it for now... :) 


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On 03/01/2023 at 15:57, Mad Steve said:

Oh yes you got one as a prezzie too.... awww come on Paul, give it a whirl. :scooter:


my heart isnt in it at the moment........i dont want to cock it up but i will start it in a month or two

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Afternoon Everyone :w00t:

Been a couple of days of painting, masking, painting, masking and today was assembly day. 

First up, Heads and Side covers attached. Engine has had a X19 smoke wash.



Next up, exhausts. The Exhausts are a work of art on this bike 



And finally, the Airbox/Frame



Yep, that really is the Frame. Unlike the usual kind of frame where the engine, swingarm etc are bolted onto it, this is a stressed frame, where everything is basically bolted onto the engine. I could waffle on how beautiful and wonderful it is, but you'd just laugh and throw things at me. :w00t:


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Evenin All :analintruder:

Quite a bit of progress on this. 

The radiator fitted and the whole rear swingarm. 

The usual story, 2 days of painting bits and about 20 minutes of assembly. One small boob.. I forgot to put the polycap in the rear section of the swingarm where the wheel attaches. shouldn't be an issue, nothing superglue can't fix :1562769345_laugh(1):



Forks up next :yes:

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40 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

Well it is 12 years old... What, am i supposed to keep the bottle clean as well? :no:


My twelve year old whisky bottle looks as good as the day it was bought.

Although, admittedly it was bought a couple of weeks ago. :/

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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder:

Bit more of an update.

Front forks were quite easy. These are from the separate fork upgrade kit. I do like these sets; nothing looks like metal than real metal :yes:

The orange and shiny silver bits are the metal pieces.


Included in the kit are new pieces for the Fork header to make it look preeeeety(the silver and blue bits) :thumbsup:


just about ready now to start on the bodywork, already built up the tank and mudguard. Why Tamiya insist on doing 2-piece fuel tanks and mudguards I don't know. :no:

Thats it for now 

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Afternoon Everyone. :analintruder:

Absolutely stonking day here today. We went out to the supermarket early this morning, but it was already 28c by 10h00 this morning :sweat:

Not much done today, had stuff to do so only got into the modelling room midafternoon and todays task is my favourite thing, wheel decals. :no:

I don't know if it was me, or its Sunday or its the dog's fault, but I struggled, but they eventually came right. 

Still have to do the other side tho :1562769345_laugh(1):


More to come 


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Evening Evertone :analintruder:

Some more progress, finally got the wheels on...

First up, in the fork upgrade set are metal replacement floating pins for the disc brakes (it's the little round shiny things)


and finally.... The wheels are on, starting to look like a bike now.



I actually like the way this one is starting to look :yes:


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Afternoon everyone :1562769345_laugh(1):

Just a quickie update; a little more chassis work done.

The side panels on the front of the engine are added, which make up the airbox. and the rear stem added 

I'm not worried about the detail painting on the side panels, because the fairing covers it all up completely.




I've already made a start on the bodywork, the tank and seat cowling, and I'll be starting on the fairing soon (where all that lovely detail will disappear :no:)

Thats it for now. I'll try not to make a fufu of the White and Red fairing cos I'm using Rattle cans :yes:


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I have yes, but not on something like this. I mean you basically plug these things into a computer when they go for a service... (that would be a boring diorama hey :analintruder:)

Nope. I have an idea, and I'm gathering bits and bobs (slowly) to get it from my head into an actual diorama :yes: 

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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder: 

Just a small update for now, its neeeeearly finished :yes:

Top fairing is on, all painted and decals decalled. Those rear-view mirrors are a real PITA. Don't even bother with plastic glue, super glue the buggers in, but glue them in before you put the windscreen in because it can get messy with the windscreen in place. 


Small stupid fufu's kept cropping up with the side panels, but it was because I was masking and painting with rattlecans. Eventually it seems to have come right. 

Btw, if you're going to build this, the screws for the side panels. Screw the bottom ones in first, then the one that connects the top and sides. If you do the top one first, there's no wiggle room and you might crack that bit :yes:


And its nearly done, need to fix a fufu on the tank, but we are just about done :1562769345_laugh(1):


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