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The Poor Dash 7 has not been served very well by the model companies. Welsh Models does one in 1/144, and Sasquatch did one decades ago. I thought I remembered a vac kit from years ago, but can't find any evidence that it ever existed. There are some quite expensive wooden travel agent style models available, but to my eye the shapes are pretty suspect.

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Some repair work to the Twotter tonight. Nose undercarriage leg reattached as well as the foot steps and flap actuators.

Painted the wheels and whilst waiting for them to dry I made a start on the skis.

The kit skis are simplified.

Here they are with a photo of 'FAZ.


Note that the wheels stick out of the bottom which is impossible with the kit skis without modification so out with the saw.



They have been cleaned up and are now ready for rebuilding.

Here is a real ski. The interior panel moves and I will build it in the up position thus allowing the wheels to protrude.


That's tomorrow's work though.

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Hard to believe it's a month since I did anything on this.

Pottered about to make the skis look a bit busier and started on the data probe.

The photo of the skis seems to have gone walkabout so only the data probe one tonight.




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A bit more with this.

Sensor probe fitted and painted.

Skis in place. Will add more detail once they are thoroughly dry.

Built an impression of the pylon and gubbins which goes under the port wing.




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A bit more p Otter ing about.

Some wires added to skis, some aerials ( 8) and some touch up to the orange paint.

Still to do:

Props, exhausts, more wires on skis, door, steps and aerial wires.


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