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Distinct lack of mojo for this but I did a bit more destruction earlier.

A window fell out so I tapped them all to see how they had stuck. 50% failure rate. Klear later then.

I've covered the windows with copydex and will spray primer white tomorrow.



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I have many models in the corner of doom but in over 60 years of plastic bashing I have only once binned a model. A Whirlwind helicopter I was attempting to convert into an HAS 7 with the drooped boom and torpedo bay. Even then it went into the spares box.

This Twotter is dein' ma heid in!

I thought I had carefully masked it but there are quite a few runs needing a good seeing to. Add the fact that some of the black has dried cracked and when removing the tape the nose undecarriage leg, 5 of the flap actuators and the 2 steps came with it, made this come close to the second bin job.

I put it aside until tomorrow instead.


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