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1/48th Israeli Mirage IIIC

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Afternoon Everyone :w00t:

I had originally purchased the old Airfix Mirage III to have a go on this STGB because I quite like Mirages. The plans changed because the decals were a bit dodgy (damn 50 year old kits 9_9) I was in the process of arranging some new decals when I discovered that one of the engine intakes is missing :( 

Well bugger that then. As I was going to the shop today, I thought I might be a bit daring and go look for a Cheetah, but good god the prices were insane!

So, I bought this instead...


Looks like a pretty old kit, not really worried about that though. I know next to zip about Hairyplanes, but I want to try my hand at doing a metal finish and rather try it on a cheapy than something expensive.

I suppose this also falls in line with the Out Of Your Comfort Zone build, but I just wanted to join in so this should be a giggle. 

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I believe it is the old 1:50 Fujimi kit but it's buildable. I know this as I built one a few years ago.

As for it being a knock off I think that is harsh, lots of companies share and rent out their moulds (yes I know there has been some skulduggery in the past).

I'm sure Steve's modelling skills will win out with this one.

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