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How do I upload an image?


I know it's really obvious when I get told, but I can never, ever remember how to upload an image. The edit box offers a link option but that has to have already been uploaded somewhere else. Drag-and-drop does nothing, copy/paste refuses and tells me I have to upload or link it but doesn't say how. How do I upload an image here?

And please, please can some more visible hook be added to the standard options, so I don't have to keep asking again and again?


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4 hours ago, RWG686 said:

Why does @steelpillow's question reappear at top of page 2 of this thread?

In the forum setup this particular forum is designated 'questions' rather than 'discussions' and it appears to be set up to post the OP question on every page. I would presume the OP to appear only as the first post on the original page if it were to be re-set as 'discussions'.

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