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Afternoon Everyone 

I built this a couple month's back and originally wanted a different camo scheme on it... Well in all honesty I hate it. (And it's a real camo scheme too)

I look at it every day and think Bleh....



So its time for Hans to get out his bucket and Paint Brush and give it a new coat of paint... 

I did initially think about this


or something like the top one in this picture


But then, the more I look at these pictures, the more I'm liking the whitewashed version which operated in Hungary

So, I'm going to give that a go... :yes:

I've made a start on taking the necessary bits off... 


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Evenin Everyone :w00t:

Okay then, let's get this show on the road

First things first, Hans was issued with a giant roll of masking tape to cover the tracks and wheels. (reeaaaaally don't feel like doing those wheels all over again)


Okay so I forgot to take a pic when I'd done this, but I replaced the track clips on the side of the turret with spare photo etch bits

The masking tape on the turret is where the number will be. On the pics it shows a dark yellow square  


So as you can see, Hans was issued 50L Dulux Wall and All and a very large brush and commenced with a light coat of Flat White. 

Bear with me...(there's method in this madness...)

It looks actually much brighter and thicker through the camera, but it's actually transparent.


I dug through the spares box for two tankers for the turret and a Machine gun. Lets see how those work out. 

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13 hours ago, Mad Steve said:

a very large brush

That's one of the things which has always put me off - the fact that it should look like it's been painted with a big brush and when I try and do that it looks like an unsupervised five year old has had a go at it.

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A lot of the tanks werent actually painted with a brush tho, but rather with a spray gun. The one in the picture looks like its been spray painted, but then i doubt your average Gefreiter is going to do a job like your friendly neighbourhood body shop :analintruder:

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