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With the Israeli going back to bed it should have been the end of my participation in this group build but there is no way I could let the first build in Paul's memory go past without finishing something.

What can I finish in three weeks ?

Hopefully this..


Look at the price. Bought second hand at a show. Unfortunately it had no tail planes or undercarriage doors so I shelved it at this point


Made a start on the new doors


A bit of refining and detailing to go !

She will be finished as XX752 in this scheme.


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Checked the never throw anything away box and got a couple of tail planes. Chaff dispensers added ,correcting the nose wheel bay shape and started building up the nose for the probe to be added later. That was another bit missing.



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One of my favourite fixes for the lack of LRMTS glass on the Hasegawa Jaguar is to use the spare one from the Hasegawa IDS or F3 Tornado boxings (I have more of them than I will admit too)

I think the Hasegawa is my favourite Jaguar. The Airfix and Italeri ones have their good points, all of them have some shortcoming or other, but the Hase’ one goes together nicely and generally looks right (drop tanks with the single seater would be nice though…)

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Here is what I planned to do


Note the use of the past tense.

Here's why:


Black fin now overpainted with first coat of grey.

As I will now be doing an operational machine rather than the one in display configuration, I will have to find the other wing pylons as well as a belly one.



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