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Photos to cheer you up.

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32 minutes ago, Gorby said:

Why is it that I prefer baby animals to baby humans?

Same reasons as I prefer the adult animals to adult humans; more trustworthy.

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22 hours ago, Miggers said:


Not quite the sort of "fast women" most blokes would like to get to their hands on eh.;)

To be fair most blokes couldn't catch them.

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4 hours ago, Col. said:

To be fair most blokes couldn't catch them.

Quite so Col,but that's where the rorty,snorty 750 Bonneville came in handy,if you could get the thing going in time that is..........(kicked back at you,"Ooh me bloody ankle,you old cow!!!")

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Photo's of puppies always cheer people up (Unless of course you are an EVIL  person). These are some photos of my puppy when she was an actual puppy. :happy0161:


This is the first photo I took of her. P1040926.JPG

P1040963%20(copy).JPG      P1040966%20-%20Copy.JPG






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