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Airfix 1/43 Pagani Huayra

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This was built from the box but instead of using the supplied paints I used Tamiya Mica Red and black on the body and Humbrol Hu62 Leather and satin black on the interior, which is very well detailed. Everything fitted well with no fettling or filler needed.

52457046888_59f622d68b_c.jpgP1050935 by timothy jones, on Flickr

52457047783_af814e8210_c.jpgP1050936 by timothy jones, on Flickr

52456788869_61ba88ee93_c.jpgP1050937 by timothy jones, on Flickr

52457049848_9197e53c96_c.jpgP1050938 by timothy jones, on Flickr

52455997837_9fbe9f0bd9_c.jpgP1050939 by timothy jones, on Flickr

To give an idea of size, here it is next to a tin of paint.

 52456962125_5155673cd0_c.jpgP1050943 by timothy jones, on Flickr

Modern hypercars aren't my usual go to subjects when it comes to car models but a new car kit from Airfix doesn't come along every day so I thought I'd see what it was like. I'm pleased that I did as it's an excellent kit and hopefully we'll see more added to the range in future. 

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