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Night Stalkers Don't Quit.

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Having finished two black painted aircraft I thought I'd continue with that theme.

This is what is planned


It's an MH-47E Chinook of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), US Army. The thread heading is their motto.

I have a choice of two kits


I will be using the Italeri one because it is in green plastic whilst the Revell one is in black.


The kits are identical except for some reason the Italeri one only has the early rotors with the squared off roots. I've stolen the ones from the Revell kit to use on this build.


Presently researching but will make a start soon.


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It's strange that there are more photos of the later MH-47G on the internet than the earlier MH-47E. Also none as far as I can see of 91-0499 which was the first one I saw so was going to be for this model.

Looking at the first photo here you can see a large window at the rear. It seems to be on the starboard side of all '47Es but not always on the port as shown by my last photo.

I have no idea if Italeri intended these to be those windows (or they are for some other version) but if so they are in the wrong place.



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1 hour ago, Mad Steve said:

Ok, so I might be thick.... (yeeees you lot, shut up), but what is a Night Stalker?

Richard said it up top, in between the shiny, distracting pictures: the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), US Army. The thread heading is their motto.

We could tell you more, but then we'd have to kill you.

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OK..the research convinces me that I should have chosen this black jet instead..


As the MH-47E has the bigger fuel tanks, Italeri have you cutting off the kit ones and adding the new ones (which have very fine panel lines. (not like the main body)


Too late to change my mind now.


Very annoying bit next and the occasional word worse than damn may have been uttered before getting here.


Note the crap fit of their window insert.

The starboard rear window has been removed and the window insert supplied inserted in the centre. The rear window panel is slightly bigger than needed but this will allow for any clean up needed with the new clear panel I will make later.

The lower half of the front door will also be coming out but I decided to leave it until the new tank is in due to the very narrow area between the two


Decided to listen to the voices so that's it for tonight.

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15 minutes with a sanding sponge


This is the finely detailed kit instrument panel.


Shame it is nothing like that of an 'E' so had to go


Start made to the new panel. The squinty bits have been straightened . Funny how it looks ok until you see the photograph.



A few sub assemblies, front bulkhead and two engines, were stuck together.

A start on the interior sound proofing and ballistic matting got as far as a rummage through the bits of foil and other stuff box before my belly rumbled and supper beckoned.

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