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Yeeeeeeeeeees Me Again! :evil:

Gaz is building the DBR Aston Martin, even Richard is building a Bentley, and I haven't built a car since 2019.

So Wallah!, I'm going to build this :) 


Actually, this will be the second time round.

Back in 2011, after I had my Brainfart, I sold all my Armour kits and decided begone yon tanks and instead turned my attentions to Cars and Bikes. The Fiesta was the first car kit I built after that. (At one point Gorb's, my stash reached a heady total of 11 :)) This photo was taken in 2014 when I decided that, from that point on, I will take photos of every single build I do.


Oh yes, have to get the moan in... The wheels are crap, the decals are... entertaining, and bloody open-ended boxes... Why Airfix whhhhy? 

It's not that bad really... okay the one-piece wheel and tires ARE crap, but the decals can be cut up to multiple pieces and I'd just throw the stupid box away, but the painting & decal guide is on the back. :shrug:

Right then.... onwards :w00t:



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Afternoon Everyone :w00t:

A little bit of a start....

I painted the bottom of the chassis and forgot to take a photo.... :blushing:

I did however do a bit of fiddling in inside the cockpit and added a bit of wiring

You can't really see anything inside the car once it's wrapped up, but hey, you know it's there as they say :)  


I suppose I should get a move on with this. 



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Evening Everyone :w00t:

Day started off quite well with finally sticking some bits together.

But this being Airfix, there has to be drama! Both the Gear Shifter and Handbrake snapped in half (they are about 1mm thick) because they are held onto the runners by massive bits of plastic. I just used some sewing needles cut off to fix them and painted them up. Everything else is Semi-Gloss Black (If you can handle the drama, there's some red bits coming :)


Roll cage is up next and then the body... 

I do rather like these 32nd scale kits, I have a couple built already.

The Jag XKR

Oh those green decals will keep you on your toes... :yes:


and the DBR 9

The gulf decals weren't used, the orange is painted, and the other bits were cut out, off the decal sheet. There's a new decal sheet available apparently that has all the decals that should be there, plus carbon for the front and rear :) 


Ok, that's it, more tomorrow 




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Afternooninks everyone :w00t:

Not much done today, just the Roll cage and Seatbelts added 

The plastic is so soft/brittle. Both seatbelts broke trying to clean them up. that's basically the last of the finicky bits.

Just remembered there should be straps over the spare wheel too, will do them tomorrow, I'll use 3 or 4mm masking tape.



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Afternoon Everyone :w00t:

Got some painting done today.

I primed the body last night, so this morning it was ready for a rub down and wiped off with a damp cloth.

Then the a few squirts with TS 29 Semi-Gloss Black and this afternoon a coat of Gloss Clear, (The first of what will be three coats)


Also 'made' the strap for spare wheel

3mm masking tape, coloured in red with a Gundam Marker.

If they are available near you or online, get a set of the basic colour's Gundam Markers, they are the best paint markers I have ever used, and I bought these probably 12 years ago, and they are still going fine. It looks Gloss because it's still wet, but it will dry matt.


Thats it for now, need a few Brandys before I start decaling :) 


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