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Scottish Aviation Bulldog T1

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Here's what you get for £12 or £14 depending on where you got it


Wonderful painting of the pilot in his wooly pooly, shirt and tie and civvy type headset. Solo from right hand seat too!  No flying suit,mae west and helmet for these guys.

Markings for 3 aircraft


The plans and decals



The plastic



I have heard it said that this is a copy of the Airfix Bulldog. Let's see..








The KP kit is not an exact copy of the Airfix kit.

Certainly appears to have a heavy Airfix influence though.

I was annoyed that the canopy frame is moulded on to the fuselage, just like Airfix did, thus making an open canopy difficult.

So a 1973 Airfix or a  2022 KP?

The Airfix kit is going for stupid money on a well known auction site so it's a no brainer ..the KP one is marginally more refined and cheaper.

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22 minutes ago, Huntsman’s Close said:

Especially when he’s got a shirt and tie and practicing to fly a helicopter!

Quite so.

Don't think service Bullfrogs made it into the sporty black and yellow scheme either did they.

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3 hours ago, Miggers said:

did they.


I saw one at Leuchars and several more on your side of the wall.

2 different styles at least.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQiGla5GN79amMb2twGTYo        images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQXDLHhmBbmNqQ5WGvv2RC

Shame the Navy ones never ever wore 'Royal Navy' titles.

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