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Did some work on the body by making an impression of the tool kit on the left hand side and started the instrument panel. Sorry about the photos. I really need to fix the phone camera but need a 7lb hammer and I only have a 5.




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Not a lot to show tonight. 

Stuck the front seats in and added some more struts between the bulkhead and body. They've been painted. Handbrake, entry step and spare wheel holder also addd.

I couldn't resist sticking on the wheels. Now I should just have sat them on but oh no..who needs instructions?

It is now going to be a complete sod getting the mudguards on. Already broken one of the moulded on struts so may consider replacing all of them with copper wire.


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11 hours ago, Gorby said:

It's looking lovely.

Not any more it isn't


However after some carefully detailed reconstruction bodging it was soon back together


and had a few bits added.


The rear cover is just primed to see how much still needs sorting (quite a lot!)

The headlights have a protective grill in front of them.

The kit has them moulded on clear plastic but on the inside face so the outside is smooth which is a pity as it would look not too bad dry brushed. I'm trying to sort the look by using the same mesh I used for the fuel tank, radiator grill and carburettor cover. Will see how the kristal clear dries.


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