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GAZ-66 Ukrainian Army, 1/35, Eastern Express

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GAZ-66 with ZSU-23 AAA gun as used by the Ukrainian Army in the ongoing unpleasentness


years ago i bought 2 Gaz-66 trucks by Eastern Express.....built the standard truck and it wasnt the most enjoyable model making experiance id had, so the gun truck one has sat in the stash being avoided at all costs........happened to see some pics of the Ukraine Army using the truck/gun engaging ground targets and it reminded me of the kit in the stash so i thought id have a crack at it

dreadful instructions and not the best of parts fit but its been bodged together

shelter made from a spectacle wipe dyed with green waterbased poster paint over a scabbed together frame

white cross is a Ukrainian symbol put on their vehicles to avoid friendly fire,.......Russkies are using a white 'Z'

had a play with a ready made wash meant for green vehicles and mud splashed here and there









and one for size comparison





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