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This was a GB made to assist my "Building from the stash" program- how else would this Aston racer get built?!

The Airfix Aston Martin DBR9 in my stash was left over from a gift I received, the Airfix Jaguar racer and this in a single boxing. The Jag is long gone (and binned after being abandoned!)

but the DBR9 has languished on a shelf for literally years, with no box and its decals lost.

So this won't be a Gulf Aston (although that's a nice scheme). I'd build an unpainted car, but don't think I could recreate a carbon fibre structure realistically, and that's how I'd want to portray it.

I don't know if it's built of carbon fibre, but it was beyond my skills anyway . . .

So, either a "what-if" clubman/hobby racer in a BRG scheme showing no commercial sponsorship, or a newly-built factory car in primer. Dunno yet . . .

Anyroadup, here's the kit:


And its instructions, complete with correction sheet! (I've never seen that before!!)


See you all in the garage . . .

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Thanks @TimJ for the offer of the Gulf decals, but I'll pass on those, and whif it!

Made a start!


I've discovered the reason for the correction to the instructions- the original would have you assemble the wheels with the brake calipers at the "outside" pointing towards the

ends of the car. The correction assembles them with the calipers pointing towards the middle of the car . . .

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This is definitely progressing- I'm enjoying the build and it appears I'm actually not making a horrible mess of the kit (Part of that  is probably down to

making the colour scheme up as I go along!) Perhaps I should build more cars.

Airfix's colour suggestions have been followed as far as the interior is concerned. I finally decided on a plain British Racing Green finish with no commercial

sponsorship decals. The expense of running a racer like this makes that scenario very unlikely, but let's just assume that a British billionaire (say, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, maybe)

wants a hobby . . .

It (sort of) worked for Lord Hesketh (for a while) . . .

Here's the bare bodyshell:


The colour chosen is Humbrol enamel 101 Mid Green, which is a matt finish, so it's had a first clear coat of gloss varnish. The so-called British Racing Green wasn't/isn't

actually a specific colour, the various firms building racers BITD all had their own shades of green. Visible interior areas of the shell are painted to match.

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