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typical Aoshima......standard road going car in the box with extra sprues to turn it into a racer, so end up with a box full of spare bits...............2 sets of seats, wheels, bumpers etc plus soft top up or down....or hard top

plan is to do it British Racing Green if the paint i have is close enough, if not it will go red








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so first thing is what colour?....these are the choices



second thing is ive been doing a bit of fiddling and im not sure i shall be using the hard top.........fit dosnt look too good so it will probably be the soft top down option......or maybe soft top up if it goes over the roll cage.......but i wont know until it comes to that point in the build...decisions, decisions lol

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improvised some seat belts since ive run out of aftermarket pe ones......ribbon is a little bit wide, made worse by the narrow race seats i think

interior is done apart from the roll cage which is going to be sprayed the same colour as the body..........which is tomorrows job




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so  i tried spraying it green again and got an even worse result than the first time

im blaming myself as i used Tamiya paint which is not my usual choice so im on a learning curve with it

so its gone red .......needs another coat of gloss clear yet, then im going to let it harden off for a few days as im thinking of trying BMF for the trim ....which is something ive only used twice before, and not for this sort of thing



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trim didnt goes as planned..........i wanted to use bare metal foil but it just didnt work...........so i masked up and painted with chrome, even with some touchups  its a little scruffy......my hand isnt steady enough

putting the shell onto the chassis wasnt as straight forward as i thought it was going to be, tolerances are a bit tight in places

and ive discovered the soft top down isnt an option......dosnt fit with the roll cage fitted, so it will have to be either soft top up or the hard top, luckily i have painted both already lol

but at least im making progress




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I have the same problem with sprays, be they rattle can or airbrush. My preferred method these days is the old craftsman's tradition: many well-thinned layers applied with a fine sable brush. The brush may not be cheap, but it is a lot cheaper than an airbrush and compressor. Lightly sand between coats with very fine paper: start with 1200 and go finer as you feel the need. Used to be called flour paper, nowadays you can get wet-and-dry that fine. Takes forever, but then so do most things worthwhile.

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