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Devil's Trampoline

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The history of the Brazilian driver's has started before Emerson Fittipaldi.
With the enthusiasm of some drivers on the 30's, Manuel de Teffé a diplomat and driver, had an idea to make a race on the streets of the town, at the time, the capital of the Nation. From 1933 until 1952, the race was one of the great show of the city. From 1933 to 1952 the race was one of the attractions of the city, and some foreign pilots showed interest on race here. Names like Luigi Villoresi, Hans-Stuck , Calor pintacuda and the most fame of them, Juan Manuel Fangio, has raced on the street circuit on the neighbohood of Gavea with more than 90 curves with the trails of the tramwley on the streets. The circuit was so dangerous that the drivers gave it a nickname:  "Devil's Trampoline"

The races were sttoped in 1941 And after the war they were reactivated but by this point the city had already grown and it was impossible to run on the city streets, being closed in 1952. Type CIRCUITO DA GAVEA on Google and search for images. You will like. One of the most dramatic photos is that of the Brazilian driver Irineu Correa being thrown out of the car after hitting a tree and falling into a canal, which still exists.





The credit of the photo of the accident was on this website: https://historiadoesporte.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/o-circuito-da-gavea/

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1 minute ago, Gorby said:

Looks like it was as dangerous for the spectators as the drivers.

As far as I know, Irineu Correa was the only one to die on the races.

But sure it was dangerous. Today it will never happened. I hope!

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