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RN, RAN, RCN and RNZN Draught Marking Decals 1/200, 1/350 and 1/700

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This is something we've designed and hope to make available as premium quality silk-screen printed decals. It's now gone about as far as it can just spending our own time on it, so thought we'd gauge interest from you all prior to ponying up the hard cash to have a run* printed.

Well? What do you think?

*1/200, 1/350 and 1/700 scales are planned. IF these are a smash hit sales-wise AND we can be convinced there's genuinely a market for some other scales THEN we will consider making something not shown here.








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To give the best chances of this being viable I've been rearranging the layout of what I'll get on each copy from the silk screen printing process. To use up dead space in the paper we'd be paying for anyway I've rejigged some quantities and included 1/400 scale and 1/600 scale in small quantities (but it'll be at least 100 copies each as that's how this works)






This is what you'll get on a sheet. 1/200 is slightly different as the market is smaller and bias towards large ships at present. 4 sets of black, barred and left aligned markings, and 6 sets of white. 4 sets of black unbarred and left aligned sets, and 6 sets of white. 2 sets of black, barred and centre aligned markings, and 2 sets of white. 2 sets of black, unbarred and centre aligned markings, and 2 sets of white. 4 sets of respaced, barred, left aligned markings in white to help avoid losing vertical draft under the turn of the bilge - I envisage you'd use these at the aft end only around the propellers and they won't be necessary at the bow. There are 5 sets likewise without bars.




It is bias towards white markings as most ships will have used white from the waterline downwards, and only very light coloured ships will have used black above the waterline.

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For anyone who hasn't seen this done before, silk screen printing uses a separate screen per colour so additional colours cost more money to make. The minimum batch size for the company I'm liaising with (and I'll be more than happy to name them once everything is formalised) is 100 copies, but the paper size is larger than one sheet of decals as we modellers know them. The designer has to maximise use of the paper and after printing the 100+ copies is cut down into individual decal sheets.


This is the current layout. It's changed quite a bit as I've been discussing with the company. This is new to me, so I'm learning as we go. :) 





Please note that when converted to pixel images, the resolution looks rather naff. The natives are vector files and I have samples of decal sheets from the company I'm hoping to contract these to and the quality of their small stencil markings etc is excellent, so they should look really good even in 1/600 and 1/700 scale. See here - ball point pen nib for scale :)



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