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Pedrail Landship - The first ever tank…...well, nearly. Gorby gets seriously scratchy again.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Been stupidly busy doing other stuff, so progress has been slooooooow, but they are all finally done.



I won't bore you with the process because it was exactly the same as before – times three….with one small exception.

Evergreen do an assorted rod and tube set (item no. 217) which I would recommend for anyone considering doing any scratching. The 3mm tube I used for the road wheels was from this set as it was ideal as the inner diameter was 2mm and the two together looked just about right. When I bought a load of scratchy stuff recently there was a new 217 set included and the last few road wheels needed to use the tube from the new packet. Unfortunately I didn't notice that the inner diameter wasn't 2mm – it wasn't even standard from one end to the other. Here the previous tube is shown on the left and the new one on the right.


1.5mm rod was too big for the centre bit so I had to use 1.2mm – which was a little too loose but other than going to the hassle of stretching sprue to the exact fit, that was the only option. If you look carefully at the top photo they are noticeably different, so I put them on the bottom row where they won't be very visible.


As my 'Guess the number of parts' quiz was slightly less popular than the Black Death, I'll tell you...because it's obvious that you're all dying to know. Believe it or not, in just one of the track assemblies there are 271 parts. So in all four there is 1084. Good god what a monumental waste of perfectly serviceable hours this is. :o

This build is going to take a bit longer than I thought. :|

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