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1 hour ago, Tolvcat said:

Shame the single sider isn't there from the RC kit - would look dead trick and solve the sink mark problem. Those filters turned out well, impressive stuff given how tiny they are IRL.


I'm about to try out a daft idea Andy. If ambition doesn't prove the better of ability there I'll then try out another daft idea about that single sided swing arm... If it all goes wrong we'll say nothing and I'll go back to fiddling with the kit parts, right?;)

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Here's the first daft idea in progress. 'Cause I can't find spare tyres I'm trying to make some by wrapping the wheels in laminates of plasticard strip


Front wheel done, on to the rear now


Once that's done I'll rig up an ersatz lathe with my electric drill and sand the tyres to shape.

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The tyre experiment worked out to a satisfying result. Once I eventually found a set-up that worked for rotating them; needed to fix the wheels to the cutting disc holder in a rotary tool after modifying the hub centres


There's a bit of delamination in some layers where I hadn't applied sufficient glue but all fixable.

The plug caps also got painted


Next task is going to be the chain and sprocket. Here's what comes with the kit


I want to lose the chainguard but that'll require creating the top run of chain links. The other option is this


The GSX-RR chain and sprocket kit would look great but be a LOT of work.

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2 hours ago, Gorby said:

The DIY tyres turned out great.

Obviously I'll steal the idea and claim it was my own. :yes: 

Steal and claim as you see fit my friend as I can't be sure this is an original idea of my own rather than something I'd seen elsewhere and subconsciously registered for later use. Creating a tread pattern will be the next fun experiment.

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3 minutes ago, Mish said:

is that hole supposed to be off-centre Steve (Sorry for the drift Col.)

Yes Mish. It provides an eccentric mount for the wheel axle to allow for chain tension adjustment.

No problem with thread drift here :D

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