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I haven't decided yet if I'm going to enter this one but if I do , I have this in the stash..



It was bought to do the one with the registration 'NA39' which was used by Lt Hornblower of 700Z NAS at HMS Fulmar. Very appropriate registration for a Buccaneer Squadron.

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Mithered about this. Nowt in the stash (which must be a first) so went browsing tinternet. Found something inspiring but out of stock everywhere. If I can get one at a reasonable price I'm in. If not, I'll grab a front row seat in Parc ferme as the entries roll in.

And yes, I'm fully aware I never mentioned what I'm looking for 🤔🤣


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It is in the nature of things that within minutes of sayng I couldn't find the kit I was after, I found one at a reasonable price. Ta Kingkit. 

So, I'll throw my hat into the ring with this beauty. Could have gone Heller but this kit is 25 years more modern and I like Tamiya because they make it harder for me to totally screw things up - at least until paint is involved :D 



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Afternoon Everyone :welcomeani:

Wow where does the time go....

Our Day at the Races GB kicks off from Midnight tonight and by the look of it we are going to have quite a few different and varied entries.

There really is space for everyone here, even if you want to do some kind of What If racer all the way through to racing planes, cars, bikes, trucks, boats.... you name it. 

So pop over to our Group Build thread and have a look at the entries so far, they may just inspire you join in and half a laugh :thumbsup: 

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2 hours ago, PaulT said:

guess i had better open the box and see whats in it 😆


still havnt decided if i shall do the MGB or not...............theres a Evo and a Volvo that keep calling out to me lol

oooooooooooooooh....... Volvo? 

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