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Aoshima Gataman-Zan

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This spaceship, the Gataman-Zan appeared in a 1980s Japanese anime 'Space Runaway Ideon'. I can't claim to have ever seen the show, or even heard of it before building this kit, just one of several ships from the series. I bought this 1/2600 kit for a pittance from a bargain bin at Scale Model World in Telford in 2019, the last I attended before the pandemic spoilt our fun.

The kit was quite simple, being obviously designed with kids in mind, but quite satisfying nevertheless. It was good too to paint a spaceship that wasn't white, or in several shades of grey-blue like most of the big names in spacecraft, Star Trek/Wars/1999/2001, et al. Inspired by the rather fancy box art, I was tempted at first to go seriously Chris Foss on it, but that would have been a major eye-straining chore, the kit being so small, so this was the best I could manage. Unfortunately the colour has been washed out a little in these pictures, the actual model being a somewhat richer ochre colour.







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