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Vaastav I've finished your Group Build!!!! What do you mean it's three months late? :(

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This dio has taken me six months spread over most of this year and I'm just pleased the bloody thing is done. Mind you, I think I heard the group build deadline zoom past a few months back. You know how it is, “Yes, I can definitely do that in three months”….and more bits keep getting added. At the end of the second month I confidently predicted each month that I'd got about one more months work to do. Fortunately only 1/72 scale dust has settled on it in that time and rather than go to the effort of dusting it, I'm calling it weathering. :yes:

I would have loved to make the base wider, but I have history with making dio's too big to fit into my storage cupboard and I was determined that this will be an exception. Stop making big dio's you plonker!

I tend to prefer non action dioramas. Perhaps it's something to do with being a non-action person. Given half a chance, men will stand around with their hands in their pockets hoping that no one will give them any work to do. I know the feeling well.

As he was a great help in dealing with the figures, I'm dedicating this build to our departed friend Paul/Phoenix. I'll see if I can bring myself to having at least one model on the shelf of doom (not that I've got one :whistle:) for next years KUTA GB.

Sorry about the amount of pics, I got a bit carried away.





















Thanks for having a look. I'll go and do something more worthwhile now.

Naaa, that's never going to happen is it.

If you are interested in reading the individual build reports:

Karl-Geraet mortar and railway transport carrier.

The train

The Munitionsschlepper (the thing with the big shells and crane).

The halftrack

The flak guns

The diorama.

The tree.






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25 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

FANTASTIC Gorbs, that looks excellent. The figure placement is just right and the balance is spot on. Well done :thumbsup:

Thanks matiepoos. Placing the figures in workshy resting poses was one of the most enjoyable bits.

I try to keep work to a minimum - even in my dios. :smile:

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5 hours ago, Vaastav said:

Lovely work Gorbs. Don't know how this slipped past me. A couple of b&w photos and I'll believe them as wartime photos. 

Thanks muchly matiepoos. The b&W photos is a good idea. If I get some time I might post some. :thumbsup:

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Had a quick play (have I ever said how fantastic this retirement lark is? :wink:) and there's only a couple which I think work...



The photos only really work if they are from ground level and have a natural looking background, otherwise they don't look believable at all. 

This is the colour version of the last one:


Thanks for the suggestion @Vaastav:thumbsup: 


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