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1/72 Hasegawa F-14A-the other one

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This is the other Hasegawa F-14A in 72nd scale I have to finish. This one is of the new mold with no operating swing wings and better molding and much better detailing. This has the parts for an early and later Tomcat, I am doing this as an early mid '70s VF-142 Ghost Riders plane. To date the fuselage is done and painted white bottom and radome tan nose. The wings , stabs and weapons are all painted up. I am now masking to do the black around the canopy area. Special note-BOTH BURNER CANS CLOSED, see last picture. This one will be modeled with one nozzle open and one closed as is the norm for fleet line jets.





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I am going to do the burner cans one open and one shut as Jessie mentioned. My pictures show the left closed and the right open. I mixed up a homemade burnt iron as my favorite Testors is no longer available. I used Vallejo gunmetal blue, black and red brown.


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I have this side almost done, needs a few warning symbols, The other side is almost as close. These Microscale decals are performing much better than the ancient Monogram decals. Those were a night mare.


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