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I'm posting this here because although it's a long shot, anybody building a model of one of these vessels will find some juicy references.

If you're fascinated by landing craft - I am - then these videos are well worth a watch. I've previously seen photos of LCT 7074 at her final berth and wondered what the back story was, well now I know. The RN and especially the National Museum of the Royal Navy deserve a huge amount of credit for preserving this incredibly historic vessel for future generations to enjoy. Well done!





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Absolutely superb and a great find Paul.

This must be something like my Uncle Leslie was a Commander on.

He commanded a landing craft on D-Day itself,tanks and troops were mentioned,I've always thought it was the

much smaller LCM III's that he was on,I just don't know for certain.

He'd been on MTB's before going onto landing craft for the invasion on the big day.

He was a teacher prior to joining the Royal Marines and returned to teaching post war,going on to rise to 

headmaster at the same local school.

To be honest,this restoration has brought a bit of a lump to my throat,it's a very tangible link to a part of my

family's history.

Many thanks for putting it up Paul.

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4 hours ago, Gorby said:

Just a shame we didn't save many other ships.

Space and cost. Where do you put them? Who pays? I've been watching some of the USS Texas videos on Youtube, it's a fabulous and awe inspiring artefact to preserve, but the operation behind it to provide the workforce and funding must be humungous.

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