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Evening All :w00t:

Time for another one and what a monster :) 

Having any kind of Cagiva to build is a bonus (there's also a 500 race bike) and this is an ex Protar kit. Protar kits are a love hate kits. Some of them are magnificent, (the Fiat Mephisto), some of them are dire with a capital Shi....

Good rule of thumb, the older the kit, the stuff from the 70's, are fantastic kit and some really unique and rare bikes. (Including a Matchless, AJS and Norton)

Italeri bought all of Protars moulds etc and are slowly releasing some epic kits. Revell have also released a few of the more modern kits 

So, here we go then


The Runners have been tidied up quite nicely ( I have previously half built one of the original versions)

Wheels and brake discs 


Frame and Swing Arm


and the rest of the stuff


The Ducati engine 


This bike has a lot of bodywork


The Rubbery bits


One of the old Protar's trademark piece's, a link by link Chain...


Some nice new Cartograf decals 


and some nice new, crisply ironed, Italeri instructions.


And that's that, I'll be starting in the next couple of days and I can almost guarantee there will be swearing with this one  :evil: 


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2 hours ago, Mad Steve said:

aaaand..... :analintruder:

Aaaaand, I just feel dizzy.

Don't know why I'm turning my phone screen upside down when I'm looking at a monitor. :wink: 

It should be called the 'Cagiva Not Really an Elephant at all 850'. :yes:

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On 25/09/2022 at 08:07, Gorby said:

That's a weird looking thing.

I certainly don't look at it and think "That reminds me of an elephant". :smiling:

Try picking one up and you may discover a resemblance ;) 

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Evening All :w00t:

Ohhhh I'd forgotten how much fun it is building old Protar kits.

They are fun, but they are a lot of work, nothing fits properly, sink marks and ejector pin marks everywhere, and the detail is quite heaby.

But enough moaning, there's been some progress..... :yes:

Wallah... An Engine!

Firstly, the Straps on the exhausts look pants and will be redone. 

This is a Ducati 850 Engine,(Ducati owned Cagiva at the time) and after having a nose around on 't interweb, it really is just all black. I suppose the Paris Dakar bikes are not there to win any kind of beauty awards, just functional. On these old kits, use some masking tape and make labels for the piping. It will save a lot of bother when it comes to plugging it all in 

It's all painted Tamiya LP Semi Gloss Black, Silver and Flat Black

The thing on the Humbrol Tin is the Carb. 



Talking of Piping

This is the Italeri piping included in the kit. Throw it away.

If you have enough spare Tamiya piping use that instead. The Inside Diameter of the Italeri tubing is much smaller and its a real pain to try and fit it. Rather use the Tamiya stuff. 


I'm busy working on the frame and rear end at the mo, it might take a while :unsure:


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Evening Everyone :w00t:

The usual painting loads of bits happened yesterday evening and assembling began today.

The frame was actually quite easy to sort out. Lots of dry fitting and resanding happened until I had a flush enough fit. 

The only parts that I had a problem with were the two stress braces in the centre of the frame. Getting them to match up to the pins on the engine was entertaining.


Next up; the chain and the swing arm.... :yes:

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Afternooninks everybody :welcomeani:

I did warn you about swearing in this build... Well it started today. Actually, it started yesterday afternoon.

The fun begins with the chain.

You get three runners that look like this: 


There is a very specific way that the chain needs to be put together and take my advice here, do not glue any of it. 

First up, part No 5, the 'teeth'. cut the whole frame out, and then fit frame no 6 over it.

Use a heated screwdriver or tool and squash the tops down so that they look like link pins. (Very important, don't press down too hard, you just need to melt the tips) 


Then turn the frame over and fit part 7 & 8, do the heated screwdriver bit again


and then cut the links from the frame, and you end up with this


The instructions are very specific about the length the chain should be, and even give you the amount of links... Don't believe a word of it.

Remember, don't use any glue on the chain.

If you've managed to stay sane this long, it should look something like this:

The chain was then Airbrushed LP Titanium Gold. 


Now while all this fun was happening, in the paint drying bit, the rear swingarm and wheel were just about ready to go, so they were assembled and put together, The Swingarm LP Semi Gloss Black, and the wheel the same, but with Gloss clear over it.

And bring the two together in joyous harmony :yes:

But you can't. And you know why you can't? because the chain is too effin long.... (words of an indecent nature then filled the model room and the dog started barking at me :))

I cut two links out and refit it. to be honest it's a bit too tight, maybe one would be better, but eventually it all came together.


Now....Now you can use some glue on the chain. Just give it some extra thin around the edge, and it should hold it firm. I made a little stand out of scrap just to keep it all level and straight.

Couple of decals later and wallah


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Afternoon Everyone :w00t:

As if there wasn't enough swearing in my Renault FT build, the air turned positively blue this afternoon.

I've been struggling for 2 days trying to get the front forks right... Eventually I just decided to glue it all together.

I then spent an hour cutting a chunk out the exhaust pipe because the left foot peg and the pipe needed to occupy the same area. After that the lower body work and mudguard were sprayed TS Semi Gloss Black and some decals fitted. 



You'll notice the rather strange Elf decals on the bodywork.... That's because dumbass here put them on the wrong way. No worries tho, I've already asked the LHS to order me another set of decals and will fix them when it arrives... 

Thats it for now.. 


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  • Mad Steve changed the title to ITALERI 1/9 CAGIVA ELEPHANT 850- '87 PARIS DAKAR(FINISHED)

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