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The last few months have been crazy for the HobbyZone factory in Poland as sales have grown around the globe (which is a good thing) and when it looked like the Brexit was about to happen, British retailers were ordering huge quantities of stock not knowing how, or when, they might be able to order from outside the European Union. In order to keep up with that demand, HobbyZone had to discontinue production of a number of items to focus their production on those items in high demand (the modular workshop system). Despite the global buying frenzy (which we were contributing to), we've managed to keep nearly everything in stock. We are hoping that we'll be able get the PS01 Aircraft Jig back in stock in the next month or so, and we should be seeing a prototype of the PS02 Small Aircraft Jig about that same time. Stay tuned.

We've heard from some of you that you'd rather not use PayPal to pay for your orders, and we've added a second credit card processor to our store which is now available for you at checkout.

New in the store:

  • fündekals: We've added this great new decal line to the store (look here) with free shipping (within the USA)!
  • Paragrafix: We have their new photo-etch detail set for the massive Moebius Models 1/8 2001 EVA Pod kit in stock with free shipping (within the USA)!
  • Yahu: We've expanded the selection of Yahu Instrument Panels in stock (look here) including their latest releases: 1/32 Ju-87D/G (Hasegawa/Trumpeter), 1/32 Bf 109E early (Hasegawa), 1/32 Ki-45 Toryu (Zoukei Mura), 1/32 F4U-1D (Tamiya), 1/32 Sopwith Camel (Wingnut Wings), 1/48 He 111H (ICM/Revell-Monogra), 1/48 Bf 109G-6 (Tamiya), 1/48 Il-2 (Tamiya), Tempest V (Eduard), and Spitfire Mk.I (Tamiya), all with free shipping (within the USA)!
  • Airscale: 1/24 F6F Hellcat cockpit detail set (Airfix) and 1/32 B-24 Liberator cockpit detail set(HobbyBoss) are now in stock with free shipping (within the USA)!
  • ResKit: We've received their new afterburner nozzle sets for the 1/48 Su-34 (Kitty Hawk and HobbyBoss sets) though these have already sold out. We have another batch due to arrive in the next two weeks. Also new and in stock: afterburner nozzle sets for the 1/48 Su-27/Su-27UB (Academy), 1/48 Mirage 2000 (Italeri), 1/48 Mirage IIIE (Kinetic), 1/48 Su-7 (KP/Eduard), and 1/48 Jaguar (Kitty Hawk). In addition, we have their new wheels sets for the 1/32 A-10, 1/32 F-14A/B, 1/32 F-14D, 1/32 F-105B/D, 1/48 Su-34, 1/48 Hawker Hunter, 1/48 B-57, 1/48 MiG-21, 1/48 F/A-18, 1/48 Buccaneer, 1/48 A-4, 1/48 F-8, 1/48 Fw 190, 1/48 Tornado, 1/48 A-3, 1/48 A-37, and 1/48 Su-7. All of these sets are available on our eBay Store only.
  • Foxbot: We've got their two new 1/48 B-25C/D Mitchell nose art sets coming within the next two weeks, stay tuned.
  • Other: We're expecting new round masks in from Japan as well as a new line of photo-etched metal mesh rectangles, mesh circles, and non-skid plates, all in 1/35 scale in the next week. These new PE items will help with detailing kits that don't have specific aftermarket detail sets available.

We carry the full range of modular workbench products, portable work surface products, paint racks, specialty tools, and other hard-to-find products. We do not accept backorders in our store. If you can order it on our website, we have it in stock, and all orders received before midnight will usually ship the following business day. We no longer ship outside of the US.

For more information, visit our website at HobbyZone USA (www.hobbyzone.biz).

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